Angela is a brilliant coach, a really good listener free of judgment who puts forward her views in a way that is really constructive and interesting. I have been so lucky to find her and she has helped me evaluating my current situation and creating a plan for my personal and professional life. She was a positive influence on me and I highly recommend her. Thank you so much Angela! — Maider Uriarte, September 2018 —

I have had the opportunity to attend several individual coaching sessions with Angela for the first time and it has been a very stimulating and motivating experience. Thanks to her help I have come to the conclusion of exactly where I am at this moment, both professionally and personally. It has helped me to know where I want to redirect my career and analyze my potential based on my experience. Angela is a reliable professional, who has made me feel comfortable at all times, even when it comes to exposing personal issues. Her professional career also means that her opinion is taken into consideration when assessing a work topic or receiving advice. — Ana Victoria Quiroga, July 2018 —