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Whether you have left your job voluntarily or not, staying motivated during the job search can be challenging. Below are the suggestions of what has worked for me to feel motivated as well as productive during these periods:

– Create a routine: looking for a job is a job in itself and if we add to that the torrent of emotions that we have in the process, it is important that you organise your time so that the search does not consume your whole day. You will make the most of of your time if you combine your search with other activities so you do not burnout. For example, concentrating the job search in the weekday mornings and leaving afternoons and weekends for other activities.

I am quite old school and I like to see things in writing sothe first thing I did was to get a new diary, my favourite one is from MUJI (I used to work for them and became a fan of their stationary).

– Work on your CV: Your CV is your cover letter, dedicate time to write it, choose an appropriate format and make sure you describe the most important aspects of each position you have performed.

Keep your LinkedIn up to date, contact ex-colleagues and be active in order to be noticed.

Before sending CVs; reflect on the type of position you really want, type of company, location, etc. 

Read the description of the positions in full before sending your application; be honest and if you do not meet the basic requirements it is better not to send your CV at all; you will avoid frustrations.

Write down the positions and companies you have applied for: as a recruiter it gives a very bad impression when we call a candidate who does not remember what they have applied for. Making a list in your diary can be very handy so you can take a look at it when you receive calls.

– Expand your network: attending events is a great way to make new contacts as well as keeping up to date with the latest trends in your professional area. I use this website to know what is going on in my city – many events are free.

If you see a vacancy that you are interested in, find out if any of your contacts (or second degree contacts) work for that company. Many organisations have referencing systems and using the referrals may increase your chances.

– Keep active: If you already did any kind of sports before, take advantage that you have more time to enjoy and go to the gym in the hours that is not crowded. If you did not practice any sports, now is a great opportunity to start, believe me it will help you to create a more consistent routine and you will also feel happier with yourself. I find that planning the week ahead is a great way to help you committing.

– Hobbies: you can spend more time in your hobbies or to start that activity that you have been thinking of some time for which you did not find the time. It will help you feel good about yourself accomplishing something and will also help you be more creative.

Read about topics that interest you to expand your knowledge or you can even study something you are passionate about. Not only it will enrich you personally but it will open up more job perspectives.

– Volunteering: You can dedicate part of your time to help others, you will be surprised by the amount of options available, some even that may be related to your work experience. 

By last; do not feel guilty for not being in front of the computer 24×7; splitting your day with different activities will help you be more focused during the hours you dedicate to the search.

Through coaching, I support job-seekers designing their strategy with specific coaching sessions help planning the job search strategy and get ready for interviews. You can find more information here. 

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